LASIK and PRK are two great options when discussing or researching refractive surgery.

Why do People choose LASIK over PRK?

Patients typically recover faster and have less discomfort with LASIK surgery. The PRK procedure actually requires removing the epithelium from the surface of the cornea and therefore it can take an extended period for the corneal epithelium to regenerate and heal. During the LASIK procedure a thin flap is created and then folded back exposing the corneal stroma. Once the treatment is performed on the stroma the flap is laid back in place, resulting in a faster recovery time.

Which Refractive Surgery is Best for Me?

Fortunately, with newer technology, more and more patients have been able to experience the benefits of LASIK and PRK. However, there are still a number of limiting factors regarding your potential candidacy for either procedure. It is best to first have a comprehensive eye exam performed to ensure that your overall eye health is optimal to help ensure post operation success. Secondly, your glasses or contact lens prescription should be stable for a few years to improve the success of either procedure. There are a number of other factors involved that should be discussed with your eye doctor before moving forward with refractive surgery.

My Optometrist’s Role

The decision to move forward with refractive surgery can be a difficult one. It is important that prior to making the decision you are informed of the potential risks and benefits associated with the procedure. In our office we like to serve as a consultant to help you make the decision on whether or not to move forward with refractive surgery. Our optometrists are well versed on the newest technology available and are able to help you navigate the various options available in the marketplace.

In our practice we work with a number of refractive surgeons in the Denver Metro area. We have developed these relationships based on success rates we have experienced in the past with our patients, and understand the technology that these surgeons use to perform the procedure.

What About Discount LASIK?

We don’t work with any sites that offer discount LASIK procedures. Refractive surgery that is offered at a discounted rate is generally possible because these sites are using older lasers and surgical technology. The newest technology on the market offers improved patient outcomes with generally less risk of side effects.

I’m Interested in LASIK, How Should I Move Forward?

As stated above, a comprehensive eye exam should first be performed to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. At this exam your overall eye health will be evaluated and you will have an opportunity to ask your eye doctor about the potential risks and side effects associated with the procedure. At that time a free consultation will be set up with a refractive surgery site of your choosing and we will communicate our exam findings to that refractive surgeon.

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