Dry Eye Management

The Great Masquerader: The many faces of Dry Eye

Do your eyes burn, scratch, or feel gritty? Maybe your vision gets blurry after extended periods on a computer. All of these symptoms are strong indicators that you suffer from Dry Eye Syndrome. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Schaefer for a dry eye examination today.

Facts about Dry Eye:

  • Over 30 million Americans suffer from symptoms of dry eye. Many suffer silently and don’t tell their eye care practitioners about their symptoms.
  • Some forms of dry eye can be managed simply by applying artificial tears and utilizing other palliative measures.
  • Not all artificial tears are the same and are designed differently for each type of dry eye. A dry eye examination is an integral part of determining which type of artificial tear will work best for your symptoms.
  • There are a number of systemic medications and conditions that can cause or exacerbate the symptoms of dry eye. A thorough case history is in important part of determining any underlying factors of dry eye.
  • Alcohol use can exacerbate ocular dryness or cause the manifestation of dry eyes.

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