Red Eye Exams

Management of Eye Disease

At Optique of Denver we are medically oriented optometrists, who take an active role in the management of our patient’s ocular medical conditions. We can diagnose and manage red eyes, pink eyes, black eyes, itchy eyes, dry eyes, diabetic eyes, cataract, keratoconus, corneal ectasias , as well as a large number of other eye conditions. Some of these conditions require advanced technology testing equipment to be appropriately managed and monitored.

Why shouldn’t I just go to my Family Doctor for my Medical Eye Concerns?

All of the aforementioned conditions need to be monitored by an eye care professional, not your traditional health care professional. These eye conditions should be monitored by someone who is trained to diagnose, treat, and appropriately manage conditions in and around the eye.

Can I use my vision insurance?

Visits for red eyes and the conditions mentioned above are considered medical office visits. Therefore they are billed separately than your vision insurance. Vision insurance is specifically designed by your vision insurance company to only cover screening for ocular conditions during your annual eye exam. If a medical condition is overtly present because of patient symptoms, then it is most appropriately treated as a medical office visit, as defined by your vision insurance carrier.