Digital Retina Imaging: Optomap

Daytona_sideview_black_skuWhat is an Optomap?

The optomap is a great technology that allows our doctor to view the overall health of the back of your eye without dilation. The camera is able to get wide views of your retina despite not having a large, dilated pupil. Freeing you from having to deal with blurred and uncomfortable vision after your eye exam.


Ideal for the Downtown Professional

The Optomap Retinal Exam is great for the downtown professional who wants an eye examination during a break at work, without having to deal with the unfortunate side effects after the eye exam.

Which is Better, Dilation or the Optomap?

The optomap works incredibly well as a screening tool and is a great addition to a traditional eye exam. Conversely, if you are at risk for significant pathology then a dilated fundus exam is absolutely necessary.

Color Fundus

Other Benefits

– Year over year comparison: optomap allows your eye doctor to compare photos taken today to those taken previously.

– Educational tool: your eye doctor will go over the optomap photo with you, detailing important anatomical parts within the eye and any anatomical variations unique to you.

– It’s just plain cool! Many of our patient are amazed with the optomap technology and have started to ask for it by name.