Prescription Glasses Lenses

Visual Perfection

  • Looking great is almost as important as seeing great. Fortunately at Optique of Denver you can do both. We personally shape lenses to fit your frame downtown in our Blake Street office, ensuring quality.

Prescription Lens Designs

Free-From Progressive Lens Designs

  • Embrace the technology. Designed personally for you, providing wider viewing zones and increased functionality.

Single Vision Prescription Lens Designs

  • There is such a thing as poor quality single vision lenses. We think. You won’t find any at Optique of Denver.

Occupational Progressive Lens Designs

  • Do you have neck pain when working on your computer with your current progressives/bifocal? Read about Computer Vision Syndrome and let us design glasses specifically for you.

Lens Materials/Treatments

Advanced Technology lens materials

  • Lighter and stronger with enhanced visual performance.

Polarized Sunglasses

  • Glare off the highway during your morning commute? Do your part to improve highway safety, wear polarized sunglasses.

State of the Art Anti-Reflective Treatments

  • Nothing ruins a great frame like glare on lenses. Complete the look, cut the glare. We offer the best anti-reflective coatings including Recharge – a blue blocking lens.

*Our manufacturers stand behind their Anti-Reflective treatments 100%, complete with 1 year warranties against scratching and crazing*