Anne Et Valentin

man wearing anne valentin sunglasses

Anne began designing eye-wear because she couldn’t find frames that suited her personality. She wanted frames that evoked intelligence and maturity yet were artistic and playful as well. Since she couldn’t find these kind of frames, she wanted to begin making her own. After meeting hippy-optician Valentin, who became the love of her life, the new lovers decided to combine their unique talents and artistic temperaments to create Anne et Valentin, an eye-wear company dedicated to creating intelligent, quirky, colorful, artsy, post-modern, retro, and chic eye-wear for the public.

The true purpose of the Anne et Valentin company has always been to strive for “a deeper comprehension of who their customers are – how they move, live and think—in order to find for each, the perfect frame, [one] dedicated to the customer’s unique personality and particularities.”

“Sweet alchemy mixing geometric cuts, brilliant colors and materials”

“Our mission,” as Valentin explains, is “to offer our customers more freedom: the freedom to BE YOURSELF, both as obviously and unexpectedly as possible.” Their ultimate goal is to produce a frame that not only reveals, but becomes a signature of the wearer’s personality. Valentin describes their artistic process when they were together as “Sweet alchemy mixing geometric cuts, brilliant colors and materials”