Contact Lens Exams

A contact lens exam is different from a regular eye exam. Determining which modality of contact lens is ideal for you can be a difficult process and requires more time spent by our eye doctor personalizing your fit. Additional testing is required to personalize the contact lens design, with many variations in contact lens size, material type, and power.

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Contact Lens Exam Components:

1. Manifest Refraction

  • Every person’s favorite part of an eye exam. One, or two?


2. Assessment of Corneal Health

  • Not all individuals are ideal candidates for contact lens wear and some patients require specialty contact lens designs based on the shape of their cornea.


3. Assessment of Eye Anatomy

  • Some contact lenses work better than others for specific anatomical orientations.


4. Vision Assessment

  • Small changes in contact lens power may be necessary to improve the quality of vision. Each type of lens should be evaluated on the eye because the power of the contact lens often times is different from the eyeglasses prescription.


5. Follow up Care

  • We want to make sure that the lens we designed will work well in your daily life. Because of this we often spend additional time with our patients to make small adjustments if necessary. .


Contact Lens Options:

Complications of Contact Lens Wear

Why are Annual Contact Lens Exams Necessary?