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Best Daily Contacts for Dry Eye 2014 – Dailies Total One

Best Daily Contact Lenses for Dry Eye

Daily Contact Lenses

Due to the low humidity in Denver, a large number of our patients suffer from dry eye syndrome. Therefore, we are always watching for the development of new contact lenses that may improve the wearing experience for these patients. There are currently a number of great options available, including the monthly replacement Bausch and Lomb Ultra contact lens. Although we believe the Ultra is a wonderful lens, we are still strong supporters of daily disposable contacts for patients who suffer from decreased contact lens comfort secondary to dry eye syndrome.

Dailies Total1® Disposable Contact Lenses

Our favorite daily disposable contact lens is Alcon’s Dailies Total One. It is a fantastic lens for all wearers, particularly those who suffer from contact lens induced dry eye. So what makes this contact lens so great?

Water Gradient Lens Technology

That sounds amazing! Okay, so what is it? The lens is designed with a water gradient in which the concentration of water is higher on the surface of the lens than at its center. Essentially, this creates a lens that has almost 100% water content on its surface. This results in a lens that optimally interacts with the tear film on the surface of the eye.

The Lens that “Feels Like Nothing”

Alcon performed clinical trials asking for patient feedback regarding comfort of the Dailies Total One compared to their previously worn contact lenses. They found that patients were 13 times more likely to prefer the comfort of the Dailies Total One versus their previous lens modality. They also found that 9 out of 10 patients reported the lens “felt like nothing” on their eye.

Our Experience

Again, in our experience it does not matter what contact lens companies say regarding why their lenses are better than any other brand. What we DO care about is how our patients feel with the lenses on their eyes. We have found that a majority of our patients love these lenses, even those who were previous daily disposable lens wearers. This tells us that the Dailies Total One are not only more comfortable than two week and monthly replacement lenses (which is to be expected when comparing daily lenses to these extended replacement modalities), but they are also more comfortable than most daily disposable lenses already on the market.

Final Thoughts

If you are someone who has dropped out of contact lens wear because of dryness and discomfort, we highly recommend that you give this lens a try. At this time, it is by far the best daily disposable contact lens for dry eye on the market.

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