Best Artificial Tears for Contact Lenses

Best Eye Drops for Contact Lenses

Dry eye is prevalent In Denver, Colorado, and is constantly discussed during our contact lens exams. If you suffer from dry eye secondary to contact lens wear, here are a few great contact lenses that help to decrease symptoms of dryness, irritation and burning. If those don’t work, there are artificial tears that are made specifically to be used with contact lenses. Many artificial tears use preservatives which can adhere to your contact lens and cause more irritation. Therefore it is important to use products that are made specifically for contact lens wearers. A short list of artificial tears that are safe for use with contact lenses:

Blink Contacts® Lubricating Eye Drops

Produced by Abbot Laboratories, Blink for contacts is a great artificial tear shown to decrease dry eye symptoms associated with contact lens wear.

blink artificial tears for contacts


Refresh Plus Preservative Free Artificial Tears

These are our favorite all purpose artificial tears. They are packaged in single dose vials preventing the need for preserving agents. Due to the lack of preservatives these drops can be used with contact lenses, and we specifically recommend them for people who apply artificial tears regularly (4 to 5 times per day).

Refresh Artificial tears

Systane® Contacts Lubricating Eye Drops

Produced by Alcon, Systane® Contacts work well for patients suffering from dry eye secondary to contact lens wear.

picture of systane artificial tears for contacts


TheraTears Contact Lens Drops

Thera tears for contact lenses

Benefits of Eye Drops Made for Contact Lenses

Artificial tear manufacturers must obtain FDA approval to market their products for use with contact lenses. This is important to recognize because off label use of eye drops can adversely affect your eye health and decrease your overall comfort when wearing contact lenses. Do not use any of the eye drops above if you have exhibited an allergic response to them in the past. Most importantly, always consult your eye doctor before using any eye drops.





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