Computer Glasses

Computer Glasses

Computer glasses are a great way to improve your quality of life at work without adversely affecting the ergonomics of your work station. A number of people find that their traditional bifocal, or progressive addition lens design, is not efficient in providing appropriate visual comfort when working on a computer. They often find a head tilt is required to situate the appropriate add power in front of their eyes. This posture can result in neck pain, headaches and overall physical discomfort. Even when able to line up the add power, there is often times not enough reading zone to function efficiently for an extended period.


Investing in a good pair of computer glasses is a great way to improve functionality and comfort when working on a computer. There are a number of options available, and we will give you a quick rundown of a few that, in our opinion, provide the best results.

Occupational Progressive Lenses

These eyeglass lenses are a great option for folks who spend a large amount of their day working on a computer. Secretaries, writers, programmers and mechanics may find this type of lens extremely useful and we highly recommend it to patients with similar occupations. The lenses are designed with an extremely small area at the top of the lens containing the appropriate power to see distance. Similar to a traditional progressive addition lens, add power is slowly increased until full magnification is reached towards the bottom of the lens. The difference between the occupational progressive lenses and the traditional progressive lenses is that the computer and reading zones are significantly larger in the occupational progressive lenses (because there is only a small distance portion at the top). The design allows for normal posture when viewing a computer, without the requirement of tilting your head. The near zone is also significantly larger to improve functionality when reading small font or performing other tasks up close.

Flat Top Bifocal Eyeglasses

These lenses function similarly to the occupational progressive lenses, offering larger viewing zones for computer and near work. The downfall of this lens design is that their is not any distance power within the lens, making them only functional for viewing the computer and reading.

Single Vision Eyeglasses

These lenses work great for an individual who is going to spend their whole day working at an arm’s length. Having the same power throughout the lens allows you a large viewing zone, improving comfort and relieving you from having to find that “sweet spot” within the lens. Unfortunately these glasses do not provide additional power for distance or near viewing.

Make the Investment

Having a good second pair of eyeglasses can be a great investment in your quality of life. We strongly recommend you consider one of the options listed above if you are finding your current eyeglasses are not adequately serving your visual demand on the computer or while reading.

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