Model wearing Barton Perreira sunglasses

Prescription Sunglasses: What You Should Know

Prescription Sunglasses

Prescription sunglasses are a great way to improve visual function during the day. They are great for hiking, working outdoors, and particularly when driving to work. That second pair of glasses can really improve the safety and comfort of your morning commute. We have a large number of patients downtown who rave about their second pair of prescription sunglasses. Citing great visual comfort and an overall improved sense of safety on the road and during recreational activities.

Sunglasses Necessities

Polarized Prescription Sunglasses

We recommend all of our patients get polarized sunglass lenses when they purchase sunglasses. The polarization decreases glare from reflected surfaces. This technology is highly recommended for commuters to decrease the visual symptoms of glare off the highway, your car hood, and your windshield. Other areas of life where polarization works great is on the water, while skiing, during golf, and many other outdoor activities where glare and reflections affect quality of life. There are a few professions (pilots for one) where polarized sunglasses are not recommended, therefore it is important that you consult with your eye doctor or optician before fully committing to polarization.

Anti-Reflective Coating

We recommend all of our patients get anti-reflective (A/R) coating when they purchase sunglasses. It is even more important to have A/R  with sunglasses because of the increase reflectivity that is caused by the darker tint.

Types of Prescription Sunglasses

Traditional Sunglasses

We have a great selection of Maui Jim and designer sunglasses in our downtown Denver location. Most of these sunglasses can easily be made with a prescription. The traditional sunglasses are our favorites because they provide the greatest amount of sun protection via increased frame wrap and larger lens sizes. As you most likely know, the additional sun protection is extremely important in Denver due to the high altitude.

Utilize Old Eyeglasses

A more cost efficient way of purchasing prescription sunglasses is using one of your old eyeglasses frames. We are often able to fit prescription sunglass lenses depending on the condition and type of your old eyeglasses frame. A downfall of this option is traditional eyeglasses are usually smaller and generally do not have large amounts of frame wrap to adequately shield peripheral light from entering your eye.

Second Pair Discounts

When you purchase a second pair of glasses you become eligible for a significant discount on the second pair of sunglasses. We offer a 20% discount if you purchase your prescription sunglasses the same day that you purchase a complete pair of eyeglasses.

Reward Yourself

Many people have multiple pairs of shoes to match different outfits: shoes for working out, for work, for casual dress, and a number of other occasions. Why should we not have additional pairs of eyewear for certain occasions? If you are like most people, you consider vision your most valuable sense. Treat it as such, and arm yourself with a pair of prescription sunglasses from Optique of Denver.