What Makes a Great Frame?

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There are literally hundreds upon hundreds of frame companies out there for us to choose from, so what is it that makes us select frames for our store?

Great frames come from great companies.  We are excited to get to know and share the stories behind the frames in our store.  Beyond the colors and designs, that’s what gives them their depth of personality.  In many cases we have been honored to meet the owners and frame designers to hear these stories.  In others, their operations are so small that we get to work with those people regularly.

Great companies use high quality materials and exceptional factories.  They put care and pride into their craftsmanship and the results are tangibly superior.  The “plastic” frames in our store are actually made from acetate.  In contrast to less expensive frames which are made from a petroleum based plastic, acetate frames are made from natural materials such as cotton, wood fibers, and castor seed oil which make their weight, texture, and durability much more appealing.  The metal frames we carry are mostly made from titanium and aluminum.  These materials are generally lightweight and in contrast to the typical “monel” frame materials, are always durable.  The designs that titanium and aluminum inherently create are the base for unique looks for both men and women.

What do you get when you put all of these things together?  Colors, quality, and designs that not only set your eyewear apart from the rest but also help you set yourself apart from the masses.  They don’t have to be chartreuse with rhinestones to make that statement, just something that is uniquely yours and isn’t found on every street corner.  You deserve to have a professional help you choose your eyewear from a selection of frames by designers who view eyeglasses as works of art.  You’re an individual, and a great frame reflects that.