I called Lafont to order a frame the other day and asked for the Leopard print, not knowing the official color code I was looking for. I happened to be on the phone with the head customer service representative so he knew what I was talking about but corrected me and told me the color name is Panther. Really? Panther? Because I’m pretty sure the frame I’m looking for is spotted and panthers are not. That led to quite the conversation about panthers vs. leopards and the definition of each. Shortly after beginning his job with Lafont he was curious about the same thing and looked into it, as I did when we hung up the phone. When I think of a panther I think of a black panther, a leopard to me is spotted. Well! Little did I know that a leopard’s scientific name is Panthera pardus – it’s actually a panther! And that black panther we automatically think of? It’s actually just a leopard (or jaguar) with a melanistic color variation – they’re essentially the opposite of albino. This apparently happens in various animals but not humans. Who knew? Okay, a lot of people I’m sure, but now you do too!

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