Do you experience fogged lenses during your days? My immediate answer was “no” too, but then I thought about it a little more…when you walk into a warm building from the cold, stir a boiling pot or pull something hot out of the oven, or even drinking your morning coffee on the way to work. That doesn’t begin to consider the times when you’re active outdoors skiing, bicycling, hiking, or whatever else you do, and that’s all just in our dry Colorado climate! Summers in the South are even worse!

Finally there’s a GOOD solution! Unlike most anti-fog sprays or drops, OptiFog by Essilor is a coating on the lens (available with Crizal anti-reflective too) and a liquid activator. The activator only needs to be applied once a week with normal use and keeps your lenses free from fog and glare! What could be better?


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