How many pairs of shoes do you wear? 

No doubt this answer will vary widely between people, especially between men and women, but even men have more than one pair of shoes.  You have the shoes you wear to work, around town on the weekends, a pair or two for the outdoors, some for a night out on the town… 

Now how many pairs of glasses do you own?

Expectedly, we both own a lot.  We love our eyewear not just as a fashion accessory but because just like shoes, different occasions and activities require different pairs.  As accessories, frames help you create your personality for the day with looks that make a statement with glitter or bold colors and shapes, the simple pair that blends in when you’re feeling shy, or the GEEK CHIC that makes you look smart and studious.  You don’t wear the same pair of shoes with every outfit! 

Regardless of its level of accessorizing, every glasses wearer has that good pair of everyday glasses.  You can go about your daily activities and see what you need to see…while you’re inside.  So what about sunglasses?  We all know how important they are in helping prevent eye disease and injury (and wrinkles!), but do you have a good pair or are you just squinting to get by?  Do you use “cheaters” indoors and need a “cheater” bifocal in your sunglasses so you can see to fish or read by the pool?  Or do you need us to take your regularly prescribed progressive lenses out so you can hike and bike comfortably? 

Then there are those who sit at a computer all day every day, sing in a choir, play an instrument, do crafts or models, or anything else that requires you to see at various “near” distances.  From customized reading glasses that let you see the tiniest details to specialized LENSES FOR YOUR ENVIRONMENT that can help you see comfortably in your workspace, no matter what that workspace looks like, we have lenses for all of those tasks too.

So what does your life require of your eyes?  If you’ve ever caught yourself thinking your one pair of glasses just isn’t cutting it, you aren’t alone.  We would love to talk to you about your lifestyle and eyewear struggles to help you find solutions to seeing your world more clearly!

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