We have just received a new shipment of CliC Readers with some fun new colors!

If you’re not familiar, these funky, one piece reading glasses are a must-have for the person who relies on their readers frequently but is always misplacing them.  Instead of taking them off and putting them on a desk, in your pocket, or tangling with cords and chains, they just hang in one piece around your neck, ready to be picked up and “clicked” on the next time you need them.

Europe caught on to the trend quickly and the US entertainment scene is jumping on board as well.  Most commonly people ask us for “the glasses the guy on CSI: NY wears” but in addition to Robert Joy, Samuel L. Jackson wears them in “Freedomland”, Richard Dreyfus in “My Life in Ruins”, and other personalities on TV shows like Weeds, The Today Show, and ESPN’s Sunday Night Football.

We would love to show you how these fun readers can simplify the way you use (and not lose) your readers!

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