While the calendar says it’s not quite officially summer yet it sure feels like it is!  With the sun up over 15 hours each day the need for sunglasses simply can’t be ignored.  With tints to block the light and polarization to cut the glare you’ll be seeing it all, but it’s what you can’t see that can make a lifelong difference.  We all know the importance of wearing sunscreen on our skin when we’re outdoors but you obviously can’t put it on your eyes.   Just like protecting rest of our bodies, UV blocking sunglasses are important to keep your eyes from being damaged and sunburned– yes, sunburned!  Additionally, sunglasses will reduce the occurrence of ~wrinkles~ and skin cancer around your eyes, slow the formation of cataracts, and possibly protect against Macular Degeneration.    Regardless of whether you’re driving to work, walking the dog, or spending weekends at the lake, we have suns that will enhance your vision, protect your eyes, and make you look cool, stunning, or sporty!

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