This Sunday, May 1st, happy people in more than 70 countries will be celebrating World Laughter Day to spread the messages of peace, good health, and joy through laughter!

The physiological and emotional benefits of laughter are undeniable:
– One minute of laughter is equivalent to 10 minutes on a rowing machine at the gym
– It reduces the level of stress hormones and increases endorphins and other health-enhancing hormones
– It’s contagious! Elevate your mood and you’ll more than likely do the same for those around you.
– A smile (according to The British Dental Health Foundation) gives the brain the same level of stimulation as eating 2,000 chocolate bars! 2,000! Not only will you be releasing all of the same endorphins, you’ll actually be burning calories instead of consuming them!

Happy Pathways Laughter Club will be having an event at the Washington Street Community Center for those who would like to laugh with others on May 1st. If you can’t make it or have missed it, check out Laughter Yoga in the store every Saturday morning from 9-10 (please RSVP). Just bring a mat or towel and get ready to laugh for an hour! There are no strange poses, just laughter with a meditation/cool-down at the end. It’s a great way to kick off the weekend!

If you’re still not so sure, start with baby steps. Watch a funny movie and give yourself permission to laugh out loud, go to a comedy club where the laughs are sure to be contagious, or simply call a friend who’s always sure to make you laugh.

The steps are simple and the rewards exponential, so start laughing!

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