Are you one of over 140 million Americans who spends at least one hour on the computer every day?  Chances are it’s probably more than just an hour between work, email, social networking, and helping kids with homework.  If you’re wearing progressive/no-line bifocals (or should be), chances are you’re experiencing blurred vision, eyestrain, and neck and shoulder tension from using those lenses at your computer for extended periods of time.

With a prescription from our doctor or yours, we can create a “close environment lens” for you that will give you clear vision for whatever your workspace requires.  These lenses offer a wider viewing area than your progressive lenses and the prescription is aligned so you’re able to keep your head positioned more ergonomically during those long days (or nights) at the computer.

Stop in today and we’ll help you select a frame and lenses that are as unique as you and your needs!

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