The Kirk Originals Story:
When Sidney and Percy Kirk converted and old sewing machine into a lens cutter in 1919, they did not expect their pioneering optical designs to be fashionable into the next century.
Today, inspired by the discovery of a treasure trove of original frames in the family practice, Kirk Originals create unique, limited-edition eyewear, continuing Sidney and Percy’s good work.

One of the many things we love about Kirk Originals, aside from their glittery shimmer and quirky personality, is their hero legacy. Each handmade gem from the Heroes Collection is named after a character from the Kirk family history. Getting to know one of the Kirk Heroes brings a glimpse into the eccentric fabulous-ness of the Kirk family minds. We love Kirk for their exceptional handmade quality and one-of-a-kind spirit. Today we salute Gareth Kirk – a truly original character and unforgettable design!

Optique of Denver

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