The benefits of adding an Anti-Reflective (A/R) Coating to your prescription lenses are so great, we seldom dispense a pair of glasses without it.  A/R Coatings remove the distraction of glare and lights that bounce off lyour eyeglass lenses.  Not only does this greatly improve your vision, it also enhances the aesthetic appearance of your eyeglasses. It also makes nighttime driving safer and more comfortable, and reduces eyestrain after prolonged computer use.

Historically, the main concern customers had with their A/R coated lenses was the ease with which they smudged or scratched, and how quickly they attracted dust or dirt. Technology has advanced to address those concerns and today the top quality A/R Coatings, like Crizal and Hoya, have nearly eliminated them altogether.  

Customers often ask how much better these top quality A/R Coatings really are.  Crizal recently posted this video showing some of the technical advancements in A/R durability.  Check out this 2 minute video (and enjoy the flashback of the narrator’s school-like tone).

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